Where to Look

     Since ​November 18,1928 when Minnie Mouse made her debut in Steamboat Willie, she has been stealing hearts. Minnie was designed in the fashion of a flapper girl wearing distinctive patched knickers and oversized pumps. In 1940, when Minnie was redesigned her hat was replaced with her iconic large bow that we have all come to love, and is inspiring fashion today. This spring designers are coming out with shoes, handbags, and even a makeup line all about Minnie.


Target has a line of shoes inspired by the fashionista herself. The shoes are $19.99 a pair and currently on Target.com are buy one get one 50% off, but I am not sure how long that​ sale will last. There are 2 different prints, one that is blackish/gray color with white and pink Minnie's all over them. The other is white with black polka dots, Mickey and Minnie ears all over. Both pairs are adorable and in a similar style to the popular Vans shoes out. While at Target be sure to check out the Lip Smackers that are inspired by Disney Tsum Tsum for that adorable Minnie Mouse lip balm.




​Minnie is even getting her own inspired makeup collection. The collection will be available at Sephora in April 7, 2016.  Most products will range in the $20 mark but here is a full list of what is going to be released.

​The collection will include:

  • ​20 color eyeshadow palette $45
  • Minnie's beauty tools (brush set) $58
  • Minnie's perfect red lipstick $15
  • ​Compact mirror $26
  • ​Minnie's inner glow luminizer blush $22
  • ​Minnie-ature cream lip stain set $26
  • ​Black & White felt liner duo $22

​I am so excited about all the things Minnie coming out this season, and I hope you are to.

Kate Spade has an amazing line of handbags that were just released featuring 4 bags, a sweater and an iPhone 6 case. The handbags include a black clasp style handbag that is sparkly with the iconic red and white polka dotted Minnie bow on the top, a comic print tote, a comic print smaller bag, and the black tote with Minnie silhouette on the side. The detailing on these bags are amazing and they are well constructed. The bags range from $328 to $98. The sweater matches the black tote and is priced at $298.00, and finally the iPhone 6 case comes in at $50. However, if you are a new customer to www.Katespade.com you can sign up for there email and get a 15% off coupon which is good on the purchase of the Minnie collection.

​All about ​Minnie