Tans will fade but the memories will last forever

  1. Cover FX- mattifying Primer with an anti-acne treatment  This primer is amazing. I tested it out against the crazy heat in Las Vegas, Nevada and in Southern California where there was humidity and coastal desert heat. It stood up to both and lasted all day and night.
  2. Ben Nye translucent setting powder- honestly any setting powder will do as long as you press it into your skin and allow it to truly set your makeup. Try to make sure you smooth any creases before setting your face.
  3. Besame Brightening Vanilla Rose Powder- to set your under eyes a pink setting powder  will give a gorgeous glow.
  4. Benefit Hoola Bronzer- this is the perfect bronzer for summer time. It has the perfect shade to give you a sun kissed look.
  5. NYX Proof It- Waterproofing mascara Easier on your eyes then using waterproof mascara but give the same affect( this is one of my favorite products), perfect whether you  feel like your going to cry, sweat or get wet by a summer rain storm.
  6. Urban Decay Al Nighter makeup setting spray- This product is long lasting and although i love ELF mist and set sometimes you need to insurance your makeup is going to last. If you are looking to withstand the heat of summer, and whatever the day and night might throw at you try this setting spray. It is totally worth it.

 8pm- besides seeing a little bit of shine, my  face still looked amazing. Using the products listed

Summer is here, and with the heat fast approaching that means one thing ladies we need our makeup to last all night long. Summer brings barbecues, pool parties,weddings, and numerous other events that we need to stay looking fabulous all day and night.

Here are some tips that will help your makeup last as long as possible.

Photo taken through out the day

9am after makeup application

Products that last

Prep Work

around 4pm- only thing applied was lipstick

   Taking care of your skin is laying the prep work for a smooth makeup application. Summer weather can be intense and switching up your routine can help your skin balance depending on the time of year. With the weather getting hotter, your body is sweating more and can lead to acne prone skin.

  • exfoliate- peels and scrubs are great for the spring and summer time.
  • lighter moisturizer- heavy creams can sometimes feel overkill as your skin doesn't dry out the same as it does in the winter. I prefer to use an argan oil product under my eyes as they dry out very easily.
  • face masks- sweat and oil tends to make your body more prone to break outs since they tend to clog pores. Help your skin go from eww to ahh by using a clay face mask that will help clean out your pores and even prevent breakouts.
  • sunscreen-applying sunscreen under your makeup is never a bad idea to help protect your skin. The only case this affects whether or not apply sunscreen is if you are a bride or taking photos for a big event. Sunscreen over a 15SPF can cause photo flash back, making your face appear as if you are Casper the friendly ghost. So if you are a bride, or even a bridesmaid I might suggest skipping on facial sunscreen for one day.
  • hydration-It is extremely important to make sure you are drinking enough water through out the day. Hydration will allow your skin to look plumper and healthier.
  • lip balm- as silly as this might sound using a lip balm is equally important. Lips can tend to dry out causing that matte lipstick color you might be dying to wear to not apply as well as it could.

All Nighter....