For a look that will really sparkle why not add a little glitter to your eye look. When creating an eyeshadow look using glitter its best to take care of your eyes before you apply any other makeup. You can simply use a fan brush to sweep away the excess fallout.

When in Doubt. Just add Glitter!

Application Steps

  1. Start by priming your eye, and filling in your eye brows.
  2. Apply a matte highlight color all over your lid to your brow.
  3. Apply a midtone shade directly in your crease. Feel free to go in with a second color to really intensify your crease and outer V
  4. Apply Liner to your upper lash line.
  5. Mix a tiny bit of eyelash glue with a fix spray. Dip your brush or a qtip into the mixture and apply your glitter directly to the lid and slightly into your crease.Pressing it firmly onto the lid. Try to stay looking down until it feels like the adhesive has dried. 
  6. Re-intensify your liner if needed. Curl lashes and apply Mascara
  7. Apply lashes if you wish.

Glitter applications