You have been asked to be a bridesmaid, but there is more to being a bridesmaid then just bragging rights. Take it from me. I have been the maid of honor and a bridesmaid in a few weddings. Although it sounds like all fun and games there are some stresses that come with the territory. Being part of a bridal party can lead to financial and emotional stress. From planning a shower, to a bachelorette party can take time, and be overwhelming. However here are some tips to help becoming the best bridesmaid you can be.


  1. Plan-  Start by gathering all the other bridesmaids contact information. Create a facebook group, where you can all stay in touch and toss around ideas for the bridal shower, bachelorette party and the big day.
  2. Be a team player. Ok ladies, play nice. Everyone else is there to celebrate the fact that your friend is tying the knot. So keep commentary about whatever dress she may choose to yourself. Sometimes another bridesmaid might frustrate you and you may be tempted to go and b**** to the bride. Instead of stressing her out, try and keep it to yourself. After the wedding, you will most likely never have to deal with this person.
  3. Be Present- The bride is going to go thru many emotions during the planning process. Be there and let her know if she needs anything your around.
  4. Don't get WASTED- Its a celebration and of course everyone wants to let loose. No matter if it is the shower, the bachelorette party or the wedding no one wants to see a sloppy drunk. Its not very lady like and your behavior as a bridesmaid is a reflection of the bride, so try not to embarass her.
  5. The groom- Try to get to know the groom before the big day. It will make wedding events smoother.
  6. Emergency kit- Have a mini emergency kit packed for the big day ( include bobby pins, safety pins, tums, deodorant, band aids, tissues) don't forget to pack snacks and water. 




Photo by Beverly Hills Photography, hair and makeup by Lindsay Byrd Artistry