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There are thousands of types of makeup brushes out there, and well lets face it, finding the perfect brush can be difficult.

What you need to know???

There are 3 parts to every brush

  1. The Bristle- Comes in a wide variety of hairs ( squirrel, pony, sable,black silk, goat ,synthetic)
  2. The Handle- Be sure to choose a handle shape that's comfy in your hand.
  3. The Ferrule- The piece of metal that holds your bristles to your handle.

Synthetic = liquid products can be used to apply powders as well

Squirrel = most expensive, and best bristle available- apply dry products only

Pony = one step below squirrel ( powder/blush brushes )apply dry products only

Sable = commonly used for eyeshadow brushes. Can be used for wet, damp or dry applications.

Black silk = next level down, treated to feel softer. Apply dry products only.

Goat = least expensive, used for blush and bronzer, apply dry products only.

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Caring for your Brushes

Makeup brushes are an investment. The better you take care of your tools, the smoother the application will go. I have a few suggestions on how to care for your brushes and get the most out of your investment.

  • Fill a squirt bottle with 70% rubbing alcohol and simply spray your brush after every use. The wipe back and forth on a clean towel until all the product is removed. The brush will dry fairly fast.
  • Deep clean your brushes, at least once a week.You can clean your brushes with shampoo or try out my favorite product to clean them with is Sephora's solid brush cleanser. It comes with a little pink silicone pad that will really help get the brush clean. Simply wet your brush, apply the solid brush cleanser, clean on the pad, and rinse til the water runs clear.Squeeze out the access water then simply reshape your brush and lay your brushes flat over night on the bathroom counter on top of a towel.
  • Stubborn little hairs that are getting in the way, take a pair of manicuring scissors and simply trim them away.
  • Brushes can be stored in many ways, you can go to your local dollar store and pick up some clear candle holders or store them in a brush roll or canister.
  • Don't forget that things like eyelash curlers,and tweezers that can be simply cleaned with rubbing alcohol.

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