Step 2: Apply a red eyeshadow to your crease using a blending brush.​

​Step 1: Start with a primed eye and set in a neutral skin toned color.

​Captain Hook

​Step 8: Add a gold liner to the top of the black eye liner. Sweep purple under your bottom lash from the outer to the inner corner and add gold shadow to your inner corner.

​Step 9: Curl your lashes and add mascara. Then pop on a pair of voluminous lashes. Don't forget your pirate red blush and lipstick of course!

Captain Hook is a classic Disney villain from the movie Peter Pan.  He is a pirate whos ship name is Jolly Roger and he gets his name from ​​his hand being cut off by Pan. His hand is replaced by an iron hook, giving him the name of Captain Hook.




​Step 4: Take purple on a pencil brush and blend the purple liner and shadow into your crease.

​Step 5: Take a gold eyeshadow and pat it in your inner corner to the center of your lid with a powder eyeshadow brush.

​Step 7: Take black eyeliner and add a black wing.

​Step 6: Take a hot pink/magenta color and pack it on to your outer lid blending it towards the inner corner.

Step 3: Take a purple eyeliner (I used voodoo from Urban Decay) and draw out your crease. It does have to be perfect were going to blend it out.​