​Color Correcting will help you achieve a flawless finish.

​BEFORE:​ starting with clean and moisturized skin

Step 3: Apply Foundation

Step 5: Apply powder.

Step 4: Apply Concealer and blend.

Step 1: Apply Color Correctors to necessary problem areas.

Step 2: Blend Correctors

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  • Green Concealer- neutralizes red ( or pink) in skin. Use lightly.
  • Orange Concealer- neutralizes blue- can lighten with other colors to become a peachy color.
  • Lilac Concealer-Neutralizes yellow in skin
  • Yellow Concealer-neutralizes purple in skin

Color Corrective Concealers:

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  • Age Spots/ Hyperpigmentation- You must cover each spot individually with concealer. Use your brush to apply concealer to the dark, discolored spot, staying in the lines of discoloration. Use your finger to stipple the concealer in to blend the textures together. If the discoloration is severe try yellow concealer if your an ivory or beige skin tone or orange if you are bronze, ebony skin tone. Apply foundation, stippling over the concealed areas. Finish with a light dusting of powder.
  • Blemishes-Use a concealer with a dry texture. Apply foundation first, than take your concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. Use a brush to apply the concealer directly to the blemish. With your finger stipple the concealer to blend in all the edges. If it is really stubborn, repeat. If the blemish is really red simply take a q-tip with some Visine on it and it will help remove the redness.
  • Broken Capillaries/veins-apply concealer to the discolored areas only.Concealer Pencils are amazing for this! Simply draw a line of concealer down the vein, use your finger to stipple the concealer in.  Once the concealer is worked into your skin simply apply your foundation and powder.
  • Dark Circles-Apply extra moisturizer this area tends to be the driest because it contains fewer oil glands. Apply a yellow, orange or a peachy toned concealer to color correct if you feel it is needed.Use a brush to apply your concealer being careful to not over extend past where the discoloration ends.Be careful to not take your concealer all the way up to your lash line as it can make you eye look smaller. Use your finger to stipple the concealer along the line of discoloration, blending it all in. When you apply your foundation be sure to apply it using a stippling motion where you just concealed. always finish with a light dusting of powder.
  • Rosacea-If you have bad rosacea and wish to color correct, green counteracts redness. Counteracting the redness using a yellow toned concealer. Apply a thin layer to the redness , stipple around the redness. Keeping the concealer only where your seeing red. Be sure to add a second lay of concealer if you feel it is needed. Apply foundation and finish with a light dusting of powder.
  • Scars-Use a dry textured concealer. Apply concealer directly to the scar. Use your finger to stipple around the area, than apply foundation using a stippling motion. Finish with a light dusting of powder.
  • Under-eye Puffiness-Highlighting under the shadowy areas will outsmart your puffiness. Apply your foundation first, take a highlighting pen and apply it underneath the puffiness-do not extend onto the puffiness.Use your finger to stipple the highlighted area, blending the color and the texture. Finish with a light dusting of powder.

Here I am going to address typical issues that woman deal with every day. My biggest piece of advice for your skin is to make sure you are drinking enough water. Water flushes your body out and helps your organs run better, pushing the toxins out.

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