My secret for a flawless finish

tip- Skin with pink undertones looks better with cool blue-based colors and yellow undertones look better with warmer orange-based colors.

Once you find that perfect shade of foundation but are thinking you might want to try a different company , check out

tip- If your foundation appears dry or flaky when you apply it. Your skin is probably dry. Try a good moisturizer or even a argan oil for your face

  • Liquid-most popular and most suited to fit most skin types. Come in formulas such as oil-free, oil-absorbing, moisturizing . Sheer to full coverage.
  • Creme-smooth and creamy formulated for normal to dry complexions. One of the most moisturizing. Offering the most coverage
  • Mousse-whipped consistency, formulated for normal to dry complexions. Even coverage, resists creeping, great for mature skin
  • Stick-creme foundation and concealer in pone formulated for normal to dry skin . Maximum coverage.
  • Creme to Powder- quick and simple. Formulated for normal to slightly oily skin. Goes on creamy, dries as a powder finish.
  • tinted moisturizer-moisturizer with a little bit of color. Perfect for summer. Best on normal to dry skin. Provides a sheer coverage.
  • powder compact-dual-finish powder foundation. Normal to Oily skin. Provides a sheer-to-medium coverage.
  • Mineral Powder-loose powder buffed into the skin. Provides vitamins and minerals. Normal to oily skin. Provides medium to full coverage.
  • Aerosol spray-Created to mimic professional airbrush makeup.Works on all skin types. provides maximum coverage with staying power.

1.Match your skin tone. Important to keep your skin looking natural.

  •  Identifying your skin's dominate undertone. Look at your face/neck/chest area in the mirror

                  Light skin is either pink or yellow. Things such as blood vessels can also be a determining factor on if you may have a pink or blue tones to your skin.

                  Deep Skin is either red or olive toned. Depending on how dark you are will determine which is your dominate undertone.


2.Match your skin type. Different formulas are formulated to work with different skin types.


                    1. Dry- feels tight after cleansing,rarely breaks out, small pores, less elastic, often mature skin. Dry Skin needs moisturizing look for formulas that                                                        include emollients and antioxidants. Liquid, mousse and tinted moisturizers would best suit your skin type.

                    2.Oily-get shiny fast ,large pores, highly elastic, often prone to break outs. Oily Skin needs products that are oil free or have oil absorbers. When picking out

                              your foundation try to look for liquid (oil free),mousse, creme-to-powder, dual-finish, or even mineral powders.

                    3.Normal- skin isn't to dry oily or dry, you have a smooth and even texture,medium to small pores, and few break outs. Look for products that are pH-balanced. 

                                     Liquids and cremes of all types, along with mousse, tinted moisturizers, dual finish, and mineral powders.

                    4.Sensitive-Burn or flush easily, could possibly have rosacea and or blotchy dry patches, may have thin and delicate skin. Your skin needs products that are

                                      hypoallergenic, fragrance free, moisturizing, that don't have chemical sunscreens. Formulas that will work best for you are liquid (water based),

                                     mousse, dual finish and mineral powders.



What to look for ?

THE GOAL- to look as if you aren't wearing any foundation at all .  Foundation is the most important item of makeup you will ever purchase. If choose correctly it can erase years from your face, however if chosen wrong you can also add years.Foundations come in many different formulas and choosing the right one for your skin type is critical. This is one of the most difficult makeup items to choose for most people.

Choosing Your Foundation