• Gorgeous Colors.
  • Glides on smoothly.
  • ​Pigmented.
  • They are drying.


​Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

​Shown in Faux

​Overall rating: 5 out of 5

Valentine's day root​s back to the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, which is a fertility celebration on February 15. However, February 14 is known as Saint Valentine's Day, the Feast of Saint Valentine and is celebrated all over the world. These days we present candy, flowers and cards to our lovers, however the past was quite different. Lovers were presented with Saint Valentine's Keys as a romantic symbol. 

Now ladies, as your getting ready for the romantic dates, that Valentine's day brings us it is the perfect time to ​countdown to Kisses.



​To celebrate Valentine's Day I will be counting down the days with my 14 favorite lipsticks, that will make your pout look unbelievably kissable!

  • ​May need to re--apply every 4-5 hours.
  • ​Not enough color choices.

Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5


  • ​Creamy, non drying.
  • ​Adorable packaging.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Awesome colors

​Stila Liquid Lipstick

  • Serious Stay Power.
  • ​extremely pigmented.
  • ​beautiful colors.

​February 5

​February 3

​February 6

  • ​Creamy, glide on easily.
  • ​Beautifully packaged.
  • ​Smells amazing.
  • ​Highly pigmented.
  • ​Gorgeous colors.
  • Tr​ue to color.
  • ​Highly pigmented.
  • ​Affordable. ($8.00 but can be caught on sale there currently $4)
  • ​Enriched with Shea Butter.
  • ​Easy to apply.



Shown in Chihuahua

​Overall Rating 3.8 out of 5

  •  Wears off easily if not primed, I suggest also using a liner to help stay in place.​

​Ofra Liquid Lipstick

​Overall Rating 5 out of 5

​Too faced Melted Metal

​Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

​Shown in Red Truffle

  • ​Price. I wish they were cheaper so I could purchase more!

Overall Rating 4 out of 5 ​

​La Splash Lip Couture

  • Cost is around $17​​



  • ​I wish they were cheaper so I could purchase more.



  • ​Need to re-apply ever 4-5 hours.

​Countdown to Kisses


  • ​Creamy, glides on easily.
  • Pigmented.
  • ​Affordable
  • ​Smells Great.




Overall Rating 5 out of 5

​Shown in Melted Metallic Macaron

  • Creamy texture.​
  • ​Goes on smoothly.
  • ​True to color.
  • ​Extremely affordable around $4-7
  • ​​Creamy, velvety feeling Lipstick
  • Fun, gorgeous colors
  • ​Extremely affordable around $2-4
  • ​Pigmented
  • ​True to color



​100 % Pure Fruit Pigment Lip Glaze

Too Faced Melted​

​February 1st

  • May need to be re applied every 4-5 hours​​

NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick


Shown in Pink Lyric

​Too Faced Melted Metal

  • Creamy, glides on smoothly.​
  • Pigmented.
  • Smells amazing.
  • ​True to color.
  • ​Packaged Adorably.

​Shany Chunky Lipstick Pencil

February 10


​February 4


  • After 4-5 hours of wear the lipstick needs to be retouched. Prime and use liner.​


​Shown in Blushing

​NYX Matte Lip Cream


​February 2

​Mac Cosmetics Lipstick

  • Creamy, glide on easily.
  • ​Pigmented
  • ​Gorgeous colors.
  • ​Smells great
  • ​True to color.

​BH Cosmetics Color Lock

  • Pigmented​
  • Multiple colors available
  • ​Stay power.
  • ​They don't seem to dry out my lips.
  • ​MAC recycle program. Return 6 empty MAC primary packaging and receive a free lipstick.

​Too Faced Melted Liquid Lipstick

​February 8

February 14

​February 13

​February 9

​14 days of Lipsticks

​Shown in Boysenberry


​Overall rating 4 out 5

​BH Cosmetics Crème Luxe

  • ​I wish they were cheaper so I could purchase more of them.

​Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

  • ​100% natural and 100% vegan.
  • Creamy, goes on smooth.
  • ​Feels like wearing a lipstick and a gloss in one tube.
  • ​Made in the USA.

​Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

  • ​Extremely Drying


​February 11

  • ​​​Creamy, glides on smoothly.
  • ​Beautifully Packaged.
  • Smells amazing!
  • Highly pigmented.
  • ​Gorgeous colors.
  • ​True to color.




​Overall rating: 3.8 out of 5

​February 12

​Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5

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  • ​Affordable
  • Multiple colors
  • Creamy
  • ​Moisturizing


  • ​Not long wearing, lasts 4-6 hours.

​Shown in Laguna Beach

February 7


Overall rating: 4.5 out 5