​Enhancing your cupid's bow will make your pout look especially kissable when the light hits. Kylie Jenner has made big lips such a trend these days, but there is no reason to go over the top when you can simply achieve a fuller looking lip by adding a simple highlight. Keep in mind that a cream highlighter may be easier to blend.

How to Enhance your Cupid's Bow

​Fill your lips in with your favorite lipstick.

The curved area at the center of your top lip which forms an "M" shape is also known as your cupid's bow. Enhancing your cupid's bow is simple. Simply add a highlight to your top lip which will attract attention to your top lip and give the illusion it is fuller. ​

​This picture is of my lips with no lipstick or enhanced cupid's bow.

​Adding an "X" shape with lip liner and line your lips as normal. Simply take your highlighter of choice and highlight your cupid's bow.