​Cut Crease using the Vice 4 palette by Urban Decay and 2 colors on your crease

Step 7: Finish off your look by curling your lashes, and adding mascara. If you really want to bump it up a step further even go ahead and add lashes

Step 1: Prime your eyes and set in Framed

Step 3: Use a fluffy blending brush and blend Bitten upward. ( Holding your handle towards the ground and your bristles pointing up with blend upward.

Step 5: Re-apply your highlight color Framed.

Step 6: To keep this a natural look go in and apply a thin brown liner. (to intensify add black liner and perhaps a wing)

Step 4: to intensify the crease go in with your angled liner brush and follow your crease with Delete. Go in with your blending brush and blend Delete Upward.

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Step 2: use an angled liner brush to map out your crease with Bitten. You are going to blend this upward, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

The cut crease is a classic and timeless eyeshadow look, to create the perfect cut crease you have two options.

  • Create it using eye shadows and only line with eye liner.
  • Use an eyeliner pencil to really intensify and create a dramatic cut crease.

To Create a cut crease eyeshadow look:

  1. Prime your eye- you can use an eyeshadow primer, concealer, eye shadow pencil. Make sure your entire eyelid to brow is primed.
  2. Set your primer in your highlight color.
  3. Take your darker mid-tone shade and start defying your crease. Being sure to leave a space between your lid and your crease.          If you decide to use an eyeshadow pencil. simply sketch along your crease and then smudge the color upwards. Take       your mid-tone shade and simply go in and intensify the pencil also setting it in place with the eye shadow

          No matter what choice, make sure you blend the color upwards keeping the intensity focused on the crease.

      4.Re-highlight your lid and under your brow if needed.

      5.Apply eyeliner to your top lash line and mascara.

Classic Cut Crease