​Lipstick Spacesaver

​Step 4: Place the top back on to the container and enjoy your lipstick. The easiest way to apply it will be using a lip brush.

​Step 1: Unscrew the lid to the first bead container and twist your lipstick all the way out.




​With a quick trip to your local craft store you can get a major space saver for your makeup vanity. We all have tubes of lipstick that accumulates over the year. Why not learn how to depot your lipstick bullets and store them in a bead container.

Once your lipstick gets down to a certain point it becomes hard to use. This is the easiest way to save that 10-20% of lipstick you would be loosing, with a few simple steps. By the way, the bead container cost me $2.99 at Michael's for 6 containers that are connected together ( there are always discount coupons for Michael's so keep your eye out.)​

​Step 3: Grab your spatula ( knife, or a new, unused bobbi pin) and spoon out the left over lipstick and place it into the pot.

​<----- take this

​            to that ------->

​Step 2: Take the lipstick over the container and slice down so it falls into the pot.

Lets get started: