Almond- Perfect eye shape- perfectly symmetrical and flattering for most eye color placement

  • Flattering for most eye color placements.

Asian-Normally flat. No clear definition between the eyelid and no definite crease. Main goal is   

          to make eye appear larger and more defined.

  • Can make any eye shape with shadows.

Close Set - separated by less than one width of an eye

  • Highlight inner corner by applying a lighter shade of shadow- avoid bringing liner into the inner corner. (thin liner not thick)

Deep Set- recessed deeper into the eye socket, sunken appearance

  • Bring eyes closer to the surface and pop them forward. Best to avoid eyeliner on the top of the upper lid- medium eyeliner shade will accentuate receding eyes. Highlight the brow bone and avoid shimmer.

Heavy hooded- heavy or dropping eyelids.

  • Use a lighter shade of eye shadow on the eyelid. Add a medium shade from the outer third of the lash line to the crease ( be mindful of eyeliner and highlight towards the inside corner)

Pertruding - eyes that bulbous and come out of there socket slightly.

  • Darker colors look best. Use dark eyeliner or dark eye shadows under your eyes.

Prominent- eyelids and eyes that are full and tend to extend from your face.

  • Never highlight your eyelid or your eyes. Deeper shades are better suited.

Round -use medium to dark eye shadow on lid and crease

  • medium to dark eye shadow on lid, and crease.

Turned down- slanted down toward the outer edge of the eye.

  • Add color to the outer edge of the eye to create more of a lifted look- slight winged eyeliner to create a lifted eye look.

Wide Set-Further then one eye width apart

  • Apply darker color shadows toward the inner corner of the eye and blend carefully- the snow globe or highlight affect looks beautiful.

Determining your Eye Shape: