With a trip to your local dollar store and some crafty thinking you can create your own brush holder to match your décor. All you need is a glass candle volatire, ribbon, scissors, and a glue gun.​​

​Step 3: Continue gluing your ribbon around the holder. Once you get to the front leave a small gap so you can tie your bow.

​Step 2: Find the ribbons half way point and begin gluing your ribbon to the center of the holder.

DIY Brush/Makeup  Holder

​Step 1: Heat up your glue gun, and measure your ribbon to fit around the holder, leaving yourself enough ribbon to tie a pretty bow on the front. I decided to glue two ribbons together.

​Step 4: Tie a bow and place a dab of glue under to keep it in place. Add your brushes or makeup. Enjoy your new decorated holder.