​Face treatments and masks are a great way to pamper yourself here are a few of my favorites.

This​ mask is awesome, however I would not recommend it for sensitive skin. It has a tingling almost burning sensation when first applied. My application time was around 20 minutes and I would say around 10 minutes in the mask had an almost cooling effect.  That felt really nice and refreshing, after the 20 minutes I washed the mask off and my skin felt clean, soft, and smooth. The morning after the application my skin still felt clean and soft.

​Rating 4.5 out of 5 I would purchase again.

​Skin care is important just like drinking water, exercising, and eating a balanced diet. However sometimes your skin needs a boost from every day life stresses. Or maybe you feel like your need a little pampering.

​Love your FACE

​Face treatments and masks

Que Bella Purifying mask with tea tree oil and witch hazel