​Princess Anna of Arendelle, is one of the most optimistic and caring characters you may ever come across, although she sometimes acts before she thinks. Anna is daring and graceful. She is one of my favorite Disney Princesses and I had so much fun creating this look.

Shany Enterprises Inc.

​Step 6: Apply a Black winged eyeliner to your top lash line and in your waterline.

​Step 5: Apply the Pink color to the center under your water line, then apply Purple to the inner and outer waterline.

​Frozen Inspired Makeup look

​Step 4: Apply a Hot Pink/ Magenta Color to the inner lid using a powder eyeshadow brush

​Pink- Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons- Totally Fetch

​Step 8: Make sure all your shadows are well blended. Curl and Mascara your lashes and apply your favorite false lashes.

Step 3: Use a pencil brush to pack a Purple eyeshadow

on to the outer and inner corner of your eyes. Take your Blending Brush and Blend the crease again.

​Purple used- Beat Down Urban Decay Vice 4

​Step 2: Sweep a Blue shadow in your crease with a blending brush.


​Step 1: Prime your eye and set in a neutral color




​To bump up the look add a hot pink blush and a hot pink lipstick!