​Lipstick/cream eyeshadow


Bent Liner

Angled Brow/​ liner


​Powder Eyeshadow



​Pointed Eyeshadow/Pencil

Bent Liner Brush- used to apply eyeliner.

Lipstick/ cream eyeshadow brush- multi purpose and can be used with cream products they are normally synthetic brushes.

Angled Brow/liner brush- can be used to apply brow products along with eyeliner. Normally this brush tends to be stiffer.

Powder eyeshadow brush- comes in many different sizes, mostly found in the medium size. Used to pack color on your lid.

Crease/ Smudging/ Blending brush- used to apply color in the crease area of the eye socket.

Pointed Eyeshadow/Pencil Brush- used to apply color under the eye and to blend color in creases. Also used full to pack color on outer corners of the eye.

​Concealer Brush- used to apply concealer.

Foundation Brush- used to apply foundation.

Powder /Bronzer /Blush/ Powder Brush- used to apply blush to your cheeks also sometimes used for contour.

Contour/Angled Blush brush- used to apply contour and highlight. Also used for bronzer and blush from time to time.

Fan Brush- used to sweep away eyeshadow fall out, apply highlight to cheek bones and sometimes to contour.

​Stippling Brush- Used to create a flawless finish with cream and powder foundation products.

When you purchase a brush set, most of the time you get brushes that you may never use. Not because there bad brushes, but simply because you don't know what to use them for.

Identifying Brushes