it's Summer

     Summer time can be harsh on your hair. Spending time at the beach equals salt water, pools are chlorinated, and the suns ultra violet rays tend to compromise your hairs moisture. Shampooing your hair further robs your hair of moisture so try and wash your hair every other day, if you can. On days you don't wash your locks try using a dry shampoo, like AMIKA Perk it Up Dry Shampoo $10-$20 at Sephora, it will give your hair body, absorb oil and freshen it. Dry shampoo is great because it will also allow you to go further between blow drying and other heat tools you tend to use on your hair. Try and apply a hair mask to your hair once a week for extra moisture.

    Summer time is finally here, that means one thing its time for neon nail polish, bronzer, lip gloss and partying all day into the night. With the heat rising as the seasons change once again, its the perfect time to update your beauty routine. Put away those thick moisturizing creams and say hello to a lighter moisturizer because just like our clothes change from heavy jackets to cute rompers so should your beauty routine.


Summer is here, so let the Adventure Begin




      Just like your hair is stripped of moisture from summer time, so if your skin. Sweat causes us to shower more often which tends to strip away moisture. Switch up your morning routine and skip the cleanser, splash your face with water and apply a moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or even sunscreen depending on where you day is going to lead you. Its not always recommended but I love to exfoliate even in the summer, right now in my shower you will find Victoria Secret's Coconut Milk Smoothing scrub and wash. My husband even loves it and it doesn't smell super girly, just fresh. We always lather up in VS Coconut Milk Hydrating body lotion with a few drops of VS Coconut Milk weightless body oil. Now VS products run around $18 but you can normally catch them on sale. Trust me your skin will thank you for this combo especially if you are hitting the tanning bed, or after a long day by the water.

       Your skin best absorbs moisture at night, so I always try and apply after my evening shower and before bed. Now, removing my makeup. Personally , I love using Simple Micellarcleansing water priced around $6.99 during the summer time because it doesn't dry my face out. I am a huge fan of Acure Moroccan Argan Oil priced around $10 for a moisturizer for my face. Once a week I use Boscia Luminizing Black Mask found at Sephora for $35 to help get rid of unwanted acne in my t zone and chin areas. I normally apply a second mask to the rest of my face depending on how my skin feels at the time.

      When dealing with the sun, it can be harsh so don't forget to apply your favorite sunscreen. If you happen to get that dreaded sunburn try Evian Mineral Water Spray $13 to help sooth with a mist that calms irritated skin. Its also perfect for setting makeup and to cool off on those hot summer days next to the pool while giving your a beautiful, yet radiant look.