Jamberry Wraps




Well my manicurist, who always does a fabulous job, is out of the country for a few weeks. So I decided why not give Jamberry a try.

Well to be honest, my nails right now are too cute to soak off, so I decided to go with my toe nails. After watching a few YouTube videos on how to apply, I felt ready. The process actually went fairly smooth.

1. Removed polish on toe nails.
2. Buffed nails with a file.
3. Wiped nails down with a little rubbing alcohol.
4. Fit wraps to my toes. Now I decided not to use heat until after they were fully applied but they suggest to use heat before and after.
5.Trim wraps, firmly press down and use a nail file to make sure there even at the end of your nail.
6. Apply heat and press down. I just used my hair dryer.
7. Apply cuticle oil. (Optional)

Overall, the application process was easier then what I thought it was going to be. My toe nails look like a Marvel comic book. I have to wait and see how well they stay on. But as of right now dolls, I would purchase Jamberry nail wraps again.

I fell in love with Jamberry wraps and decided why not share the love of Jamberry as a consultant. If you are interested in trying Jamberry and live in the United States send an email to Krista@makeupbykrista.com and let me send you a sample, or set up a party.

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