Lets face it, we have all been there                                                             it is a valuable question. Knowing what style of eye makeup you will be rocking is the first step.

To add Lashes or not to add Lashes

Individual lashes are customizable. They come in short to long lengths and blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. Applying individual lashes is time consuming and can be tedious. Building lashes involves tweezers and getting each lash to lay correctly. Once you get the hang of it, they may just become your favorite type of lash. Individual lashes are not re wearable and can get pricey.

When applying lashes strip or individuals it is important to wait for the glue to get tacky. DUO makes a glue that turns from white to blue when tacky but dries clear and it's one of my favorite glues. It is also important for you to make sure you have a pair of tweezers that you are comfortable working with.  When it comes to strip lashes, I suggest picking up a lash case. They are perfect for storing your lashes in between wears. When you go to remove your lashes before bed simply soak a q-tip in makeup remover and swipe back and forth at your lash line until the glue loosens and the lash becomes loose. Place your lashes in to the container and finish removing the rest of your makeup.




Lashes come in all different lengths, styles, and volume that can glorify and shape your eyes.  These types include​ Natural lashes(blend flawless with natural lashes), full lashes ​(opposite of natural lashes, look bold and edgy)​,

individual ​(time consuming, but the most natural. applied individually not strip)​, and long and short lashes ​(bold pattern of long and short lashes). ​My favorite lash brands are Velour, Eyelure, and Ardelle but with so many types of lashes on the market your faves might be different. My biggest piece of advice is to go with what works for you.

​Pros and cons

​Strip lashes give you the opportunity to achieve various looks. These lashes can be removed at night, are resuable, and once you get used to applying are fairly fast. On the other hand strip lashes have to be trimmed to fit, the glue can smear easily, and you need to have a steady hand. Strip lashes come in all different price ranges and qualities, some even allowing up to 20 wears.


​Lashes... a girls best friend