On the market since 2007, Li Lash has building women's confidence world wide.  Confidence, a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of qualities. By swiping on this serum every day, you will gain longer, beautiful lashes that will hold a curl and require less mascara. You can kiss wearing falsies every day good bye. Li Lash serum was formulated by a cosmetic surgeon, and has been tested by ophthalmologist.  This lash serum is safe for sensitive eyes and even contact lens wearers.

I discovered Li Lash Serum in 2012 when I was at my hair dressers. I purchased my first tube from her and was hooked. Now unfortunately, that was before the social media craze hit hard, so I don't have beginning before and after pictures. Up until a week or so ago I only used Li Lash 2 times a week to help maintain my lashes, but I decided to start on a new journey with Li Lash. On August 14,2016 I began applying Li Lash every night, along with Li Brow . I am documenting by taking pictures and putting together a video that in 6-7 weeks will be up on my youtube channel.

Every Sunday, I will be filming a clip for the video, and checking in via my website with pictures, so you can watch my lash and brow transformation.

The Journey

August 14, 2016

Let me just start with excuse my horrible ungroomed eyebrows and no makeup in the photo. But if you want to see the real results you need to see what this product does without any makeup. I will be applying Li Lash to my lash line every night, and Li Brow to the tail of my brows. I will be checking in a week.