Bright lips make you look younger.

  •  To help your lipstick and lip liner to stay longer try using concealer or foundation on your lips.
  • For a natural look, pick a shade close to your natural lip color or slightly deeper.
  • Putting lipstick on straight from a tube will not blend into your lip color, but if you use a brush and and blend the liner towards the center of your lip.
  • Using lip liner all over your lips, will allow your lipstick to stay longer.

Lip Tips

Used to line and help define lips. You can make lip corrections, to help make lips appear fuller. They can be used over top of the entire lip or just as a liner, lipstick and lip gloss can be applied on top.  They come in 2 forms- mechanical and wood.

Lip Liner

  • Matte-has absolute no shine. Provides full coverage.Can be dehydrating.
  • Creme-more emollients than matte. Provides full coverage of moist color. Wears well and keeps moisture.
  • Sheer/glaze-glossy, sheer wash of see-through color. Lasts longer then a gloss. Sheer and moisturizes.
  • long-wearing-heavily pigmented, very dry texture. Full coverage. Extremely drying. Makes lips appear smaller.
  • frost-finish that is pale, shiny,metallic appearance. Full coverage. Good for layering to give depth.
  • shimmer-Full beautiful and glowing appearance. Nice, easy to wear. Medium amount of coverage. Makes lips look fuller.
  • gloss-extreme shine and moisture for your lips. Sheer to medium coverage. Apply frequently.

Types of lipstick

Lip color for every woman is a personal choice. Your lips can show a lot about your mood and lipstick allows you to be playful. Lipsticks come in many different textures, providing more or less coverage and moisture.Keep in mind that moisture is good for your lips and will help them look fuller and supple. Adding a lip color to your lips will ensure you don't look washed out.




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