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​With so many different types of lipsticks on the market, its hard to pick the perfect one. Each company offers different colors, they come in tubes, bullets, and even with wands. How do you know which one to choose.

  • Melted by Too Faced- Liquid lipstick-​ 5 stars-  Melted is one of the best lipsticks I have ever used. The formula is creamy, glides on like a dream, highly pi​gmented colors, great stay power, and a wide variety of colors. The lipstick smells amazing, and they packaging is very inviting. They do not dry out your lips like a lot of liquid lipsticks.
  • ​BH Cosmetics Color Lock-​bullet/ tube lipstick​- 3.7 stars- Come in multiple colors, great for trying a color you may decided to purchase from a higher end company. The lipsticks glide on, and are not drying to your lips, however I will say that ​stay power is around 3-4 hours.
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Lipstick Talk

  • ​La Splash Lip Luster-​Liquid lipstick- 4.5 stars- ​La Splash is a cosmetic company that I have only been able to find on sale on the internet. There liquid lipsticks have amazing color stay power, and I have had them last the entire day with out having to reapply. The lipstick goes on creamy, but it tends to dry out your lips. However, I have found out if you apply a product like MAC lip conditioner 10 minutes prior to your application it makes a huge difference.

Lipsticks I Love

  • Gerard Cosmetics-4.5 stars-  I love everything about Gerard from there gold bullet lipsticks, to there creams there liquid lipsticks are amazing also.
  • NYX Matte Lip Cream-Liquid lipstick-​ 4 stars- NYX is one of my favorite drug store brands. Besides being amazingly affordable there lipstick collection is quite big. They have multiple colors to choose from, the product goes on creamy and doesn't leave a sticky feeling on your lips. The one downside is you might find yourself having to apply this product more often then other liquid lipsticks. Overall, you can't beat the price, and if that's the biggest flaw, its certainly something I can overlook.




  • Shany Slick and Shine Lipsticks​-bullet/tube lipstick-3.7 stars- extremely creamy and glide right on with a brush. Come in packs of 12 and I'm sure smaller, just what I decided to buy. They are super easy to depot if you want to put them into a different container and carry multiple colors with you for travel. I would definitely recommend them to a friend.​
  • MAC Lipsticks-​bullet/ tube lipstick- 5 stars- MAC Cosmetics knows a thing or two about lipstick. They come in a wide variety of colors to fit every skin tone and need. If you go to a MAC counter they will even help you find the right color. There lipsticks are highly pigmented, go on creamy, and have a good stay power. ​