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​To hold your makeup brushes, eye liners, lip liners, mascaras, cotton balls, q-tips, & more​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • ​Clear glass Candle holders
  • Mugs

​Does your vanity have the blues? If your vanity is in need of a makeover a trip to the dollar store and some crafty thinking can help spruce it up.​​ Well dolls get those glue guns out and have an open mind because you are about to channel your creativity.




​Other items you might have

  • ​Shot glasses- work great to hold bobby pins
  • Decorative plates- work great to hold bottles, jewelry, tiny knick knacks
  • Over the door shoe organizers- work great to hold hair care products cut them to fit the backside of your cabinet doors under your sink.

​For your palettes, blushes, bronzers, foundations, concealers, eye shadows, bows & more

​Find 2- 3

  • ​Clear glass platters, and or plates
Find 1-3 (depending on the height and how many plates you have)
  • ​Candle stick holders
Optional 1
  • tea light candle holder

Now for this part you are going to need either E6000 or your glue gun, your imagination and some creativity.
  1. ​Clean the plates and or platters.
  2. Start with the plate that is going to be your base. Grab a candle stick holder and your glue. Apply glue to the bottom of the candle stick holder, find the center of the plate and place the candle stick holder with the glued side down. Hold for 60 seconds while it sets in place. You may decide to take two pieces of tape on each side for extra hold while it sets in place.
  3. Take your glue and apply it to the top of your candle stick holder. Next grab your next plate and place it so the candle stick holder is centered under the plate and the plates are even. Apply slight pressure and hold down for 60 seconds. (it is optional but you may decide to tape this layer to) You may decide your are satisfied with your holder and stop at this step.
  4. If you decided to make a 3 tear holder, repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. For a fancier holder, add a candle stick holder to the top by simply placing glue on the bottom and applying it to the center of the plate, hold for 60 seconds.
  6. Finally, add a tea light candle holder at the top (It is great to hold bobby pins) by simply applying glue to the top of the candle stick holder and setting the tea light candle holder on top, apply slight pressure for 60 seconds.

Now you have your own makeup organizer.

Organize your Vanity from the Dollar Store

​Take your Vanity from Drab to fab