Eyeliner brush before- the tip of the brush has always been black FYI

Made with only the best ingredients, Perfectly Posh, is pure, simple and pampering. There products are all about feeling well and giving you the feeling like you could conquer the world. Perfectly Posh makes all there products right here in the USA using ingredients like sea salt, coconut oil, palm oil, caffeine, honey, sugar, charcoal and apricot kernel oil. Perfectly Posh offers products to keep your feeling fresh and clean from head to toe.

All of the products from Perfectly Posh are under $25 and shipping is $5.99 whether you order 1 product or 20. They also offer when you buy 5 products, get the 6 free. Perfectly Posh also has a perks program where you earn rewards for shopping with them.

I placed my first order with Perfectly Posh thru an online facebook party hosted by friend with consultant Aimee Chovan. I decided to order 3 products to give the pampering a try. Aimee suggested the Sugar Lip Scrubs for dry, chapped lips. Now as most of us know, if you wear matte or liquid lipsticks all the time your lips tend to become a wreck.

Snowed In is scented or flavored in vanilla mint. The scrub is priced at $12 for .25oz of product. The directions on the lip scrub say smooth over lips, rub gently. Keep cool, melts easily. My first impression as i opened the container was it smelled delicious and kind of reminded me of Christmas time. I applied the product to my lips. The product had a very cooling sensation with almost a little tingle. My lips are definitely feeling refreshed and hydrated. Perfectly Posh suggests to follow up with one of there lip balms. I actually ordered 2 One Smart Cookie, and Glad to Mint You ( can I just add these names are adorable) the lip balms are priced at $4. Since I used the Snowed in Scrub, I am going to stick with the mint theme apply Glad to Mint You caffeinated Lip Balm it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream one of my faves. My first impression of the lip balm is how moisturizing it felt, you could tell it was made with shea butter. My lips feel very pampered. I would purchase from Perfectly Posh again, because I feel like they are quality products that really work.

Pamper your Lips

Perfectly Posh

Today I had to clean some of my makeup brushes, I got the opportunity to try Hoku Kukui to clean my brushes and beauty blender today. And I have on thing to say I am impressed!!!

A little bit of the soap goes along way, and my guess is a bar would last quite sometime. The chunks run $9 and my guess would last you around 3-4 months if you clean your brushes on a weekly basis. I love that all there ingredients are natural, with the bar I used today not only do my hands smell amazing, so do my brushes and clean brushes are happy brushes. The chunks are great because they help get rid of bacteria and they have oils in them to help keep your brushes feeling soft.

Below are pictures from cleaning the stubborn beauty blender and an eyeliner brush. Now the Beauty blender truly amazed me, because anyone who has used one knows how hard they are to clean. Also eyeliner brushes can be tough. Between the Perfectly Posh Chunk and my Sigma brush mat the product in those brushes/blender didn't stand a chance. The great thing is there are multiple different scents to choose from that would work to clean your brushes, so what are you waiting for? Give the Perfectly Posh Chunk a chance today, your makeup brushes will thank you later.

Clean Eyeline Brush
Dirty Beauty Blender
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Clean Beauty Blender