My favorite lashes are Velour. Sephora carries the Velour Silk Lashes at $22 a pair and you can buy the mink lashes on both are amazing and you will not regret the choice. They are re-wearable for anywhere from 10-25 uses a pair. The better care of them you take the longer they will last, some of mine have lasted longer.

​How to apply eyeshadow: For a basic application,  you want to keep in mind two things.

  1.  Give your eye lid shape- visually push away things you don't want to see  and bring forward the parts you do.
  2. Define and open up your eyes          

To shape your eye, you use 3 shades-

  • highlight -to bring forward. Placed on lid and under your brown bone.
  • contour- to darken or recede .Shade you can have the most fun with and really change your eye look. Applied to the outer V.
  • midtone- the MOST important but also can be the most boring,its used to blend the look together. Applied to the crease.

With all eye shadow looks there are corrective techniques that can be used to correct your eye shape.There also many different eye looks that

you can choose from.Think about the time of day, and what look you want to show off.


          Walking down the makeup aisle and trying to pick the perfect mascara can be quite the task. Here's a few tips on what to look for:


  • Thickening- coats each individual lash to add bulk. Formulated with dark pigments, thick waxes and silicone. Thickest of all formulas
  • Lengthening- contains polymers to coat each individual lash. Makes lashes appear longer. Thinner formula, does not add bulk.
  • Defining- keeps lashes separated and defined. Does not contain particles that add bulk or length. Most Natural of all.
  • Waterproof- formula has been shown to not smudge or smear. Harder to remove then others.
  • Water resistant- resists smudging and smears but is not fully waterproof. Does not hold up to swimming or sweating.
  • Curling- will help curl your lashes as you apply. Contain polymers that shrink, curl and lift.

Mascara Wands

  • fat, full, thick, dense bristles- help thicken, and lengthen lashes
  • short, dense bristles- helps define lashes
  • taper from short to longbristles- define,thicken, and lengthen lashes. Does most of the work for you.
  • widely spaced bristles- defines and separates lashes.
  • comb- defines and separates. Gives a thin coat while combing out clumps.

To finish off the look before you add mascara be sure to curl your lashes and if your looking to bump up the drama add some lashes.

Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes

  • shadows-copper, charcoal, golden browns, golden khaki, rich raisins, warm taupe
  • liners-black, bronze, burgundy, taupe,

Eyeshadows for Green Eyes

  • shadows-charcoal, coppery bronze, deep burgundy, deep purples, rich taupe, soft violet,warm brown
  • liners-black, bronze, burgundy, purple, tau

Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

  • shadows-charcoal,coppery bronze,dark purple, deep espresso, deep green, golden brown,mahogany, pewter
  • liners--black, bronze, burgundy, dark taupe, navy, rich brown, rich purple

Eyeshadows for Grey Eyes

  • shadows- Charcoal, cool brown, deep burgundy, pewter
  • liners-black, deep brown, steel grey

Makeup is always about enhancing your natural beauty . You always want to make sure to choose colors that will compliment and bring out your eye color. With the main goal in mind being your natural beauty picking shades opposite of your eyes will help enhance your eyes natural color and give it that POP, your looking for. Before getting into what colors will help enhance your eye color. Lets talk about eye shadows for a minute.

Eye Shadows come in

  • FINISHES- matte,shimmer, satin and frosted
  • TEXTURES-creme, powder, pencil and liquids

Eyeliners come in

  • pencil, liquid, creme/gel liners, and cake

Playing up your Eyes