Personally, I have tried both of these setting sprays and the biggest difference is the price point. I used the same foundation and tried both of these products on very similar days in weather in Las Vegas, only to find out that they both do the exact same thing. W​hen using a  setting spray to intensify a shadow both products had similar results. MACs may come in a prettier bottle, but haven't you ever heard don't judge a book by its cover. My personal opinion on this one is to save, but I love both brands and both products are wonderful.

​Makeup Forever Aqua Brow vs. NYX Eyebrow Gel

​Splurge - or- Save

E.L.F. Mist & Set is $3.00 for 2.02 ounces
​​MAC Fix + is $22.00 for 3.4 fluid ounces

When it comes to walking down the makeup aisle, there are so many brands to choose from. Each company carrying there on variation of the product. As a makeup artist, you try a lot of products, many in different price ranges. I will be comparing 2 similar products each week on Saturday I will be giving my opinion if you should SPLURGE or SAVE. ​

​Eyeshadow primers are great because they help prevent creasing and prolong the wear time of your eyeshadow. All primers however aren't created equal, these are both great primers, but the difference is ELFs Shadow Lock doesn't allow your eye shadow to show its full vibrancy like Urban Decay Primer potion does. However it is great because with different primers you can get different looks with the same eye shadows. Overall on this one I have to say splurge.

​E.L.F Shadow Lock vs Urban Decay Primer Potion




        I have been using Aqua Brow by Makeup forever for the past year ​and it is a fantastic product, however when I was at Target last week I ran across NYX eyebrow gel. Looking at the packaging, I thought to myself this could be a possible product dupe. ​​​I decided to take the ultimate challenge and fill in both brows using each product on one side. So I filled my left brow in with NYX and the right with Makeup Forever (see picture below). I continued doing my makeup and went out on a date with my husband. No one could tell that I had two different brow products on. The only difference is Makeup Forever Aqua brow felt like a little lighter of a product. For every day use I would say NYX eyebrow gel is perfect. Both products are waterproof, have great stay power, and do an amazing job. The biggest difference is the price with Makeup Forever at $22 and NYX coming in around $7. Most likely I will continue to use both, but for every day makeup I say why not SAVE.

​E.L.F. makeup mist & set vs MAC fix plus