Step 5: Apply Totally Fetch to the center of your lid. Packing the color on.

Step 4: Pack Dark Truffle on to the inner and outer corner

Step 2: Apply Mocha in your crease from the outer corner to inner.

The Spotlight eyeshadow look is also known as the snow globe, or halo. This style of shadow is very flattering to wide set eyes. This look brings attention to the center of the eye. It can be done with any color scheme.

Step 1: Set your primer in Divinity

Step 7: Curl and apply mascara. To glam the look up feel free to add lashes

​Steps to creating the Spotlight Eye

Step 6: Apply Brown ( or black) Eyeliner to your top lash line.

Step 3 Apply Malted to Crease

​Chocolate and Pink Spotlight Eye




  1. Apply Primer an set in an all over color
  2. Sweep a midtone color into your crease that will be used for blending.
  3. Optional Step- layer a secondary color in your crease.
  4. Pack a darker color on the inner and outer corner of your eye.
  5. Apply a highlight color on the center of your lid.
  6. Apply eyeliner.
  7. Curl your lashes and apply Mascara.
  8. Optional Step apply false lashes.

​Spotlight Eye