Vibrant colors, characters we all know and love are becoming popular for our feet. Believe it or not, graphic socks were something you use to find just at Hot Topic but now you can purchase them from other stores. Graphic socks come with every kind of character you can imagine from Minnie Mouse to Harry Potter depending on where you shop.

Where to find them:

Hot Topic packs of 5 sets sell for $14.50 but you can normally catch them on sale. They carry socks from Disney, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Pokemon, Minions and many more.

Kohls  carries socks from Marvel, and Disney priced around $12.00. They tend to vary from store to store, but online I found Toy Story, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and Disney Classic characters.

Target is where I ran across the socks pictured. There character socks are priced at $12.99 for 6 pairs per set, but the price will vary per family member. While at my local Target I found Minnie Mouse, Star Wars, Marvel and The Muppets. The other thing that I loved where the graphic socks that you could wear with ballet flats that target sold. Target carries more socks online then I found in store from DC comics, Disney, Pixar, My Little Pony and more. If your searching for character socks, I would check Target online first.

Happy Searching and I hope you find the right pair for your personality.

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