​Best trends coming this year

​Upcoming Trends of 2016

Worse trends headed our way

With 2015 in the books,​lets look back at some of the trends it brought us like over the top contouring, storbing, unicorn hair, glitter beards, glitter roots, grey hair trend (which I really don't understand), over drawn puckers, and dying your under arm hair. As 2016 has just begun it is going to bring crazy hair colors, metallic lips, colorful eyeliners, and much more. After many hours of searching the web, I have complied a list of some of the best and worse trends that are headed our way.




​Abstract eye liners​- Wearing strange lines on your eyes, and graphic liner in multiple different colors to give the appearance you have slept in your makeup. Ladies, take it from me, stick to tight lining and your waterlines. This is not a pretty trend.

​Starry eyes- ​ Applying small amounts of glitter, and only glitter to the center of your lid to your crease. Glitter can be tricky and if applied correctly it can look beautiful, however this trend, I don't see catching on.

Glitterati-​ After the starry eyes, you have the trend that has been in many fashion shows of heavy eyeshadow, loaded with glitter, sequins, jewels, and pearls.

​Glitter Everything​- You glitter your eyes, lips, beard, and even your under arms. WHY???? I do not understand this trend one bit.

Sunset Streak-​ Pink and peach eye shadows on your eyes, yes they are beautiful transition colors and sometimes they can be pulled off well with the right color combinations for instance pinks and browns. However in my opinion pinks and peach colors should be left for the lips.  

​Statement Lips-​ We saw this trend beginning during the middle to the end of 2015, wearing colors like blue, green and even metallic on your lips. I understand expressing yourself and your personality but I just don't feel like your lipstick is the way to do it.

​Boyish Brow Sprouts-​ Ok so they are saying we are going to go from having bold, groomed eye brows to having un groomed eyebrows. Ladies, get your eyebrows groomed just simply step it back on having them so bold and stiff. Remember your eyebrows are sisters not twins and they may never perfectly match but just do your best.

Blue Eyeshadow-​ Blue eyeshadow has me on the fence, because if it is done correctly and well blended it can look beautifully. This trend however can also make you look like a clown, tread this one lightly ladies.

Bronze lids-​ This trend almost made the worse list but if a bronze eyeshadow is used correctly it can be very pretty. I feel like this is a wearable trend and can work with many different eye shapes.

​On the Fence

Candy Red Apple lips-​ I am personally a fan of red lips. So this trend excites me. With the right eyeshadow a red lip can demand attention in a positive way.

​The intentional messy bun-​ Perfect if you need to go somewhere in a hurry, throw your hair up and if it doesn't look perfect that's ok because well its now a trend.

Lip Liners-​ Lips should be lined. Choose a color that matches your lipstick.

​Bare, Natural, Dewy, Soft, Glowing Skin-​ Flawless skin that looks natural but yet has a glow to it should be every woman's goal. So if your strobing and only using it to make those cheek bones have a subtle glow, congrats your already in style with 2016!

Neutral eyes- ​Yes, crazy colors will play a part on eyeshadows and liners this year. However keeping it simple and back to the basics focusing on mascara will also be in. This would pair well with the candy red lip in my opinion

Contouring-​ Contouring can be a positive thing. If you know your face shape and contour with powders it can look very natural and enhance your features. I wasn't thrilled with how over the top this trend was last year but if it is done correctly it can be a very positive makeup trend.

​Natural glossy lips-​ Natural tones and gloss are coming back. They are simple and beautiful.