Valentine Updo

​Step 1: Start with your hair brushed back and off your face ( if you would like to leave some hair in the front that's fine to)

​Step 3: Braid each on of the pony tails and secure with a clear elastic then fluff each braid out.




​Are you looking for a soft, romantic, easy updo for your hair this Valentines Day. Well with 6 elastics, bobbi pins, and hair spray I have an easy to follow tutorial for you to try.

​Step 6: Secure all the braids, making sure to tuck the ends in. Feel free to add an your favorite hair accessory to bump up your look.

​Step 2: Separate your hair into 3 sections, creating 3 pony tails, secure with a clear elastic.

​Step 4: Take the first braid and position it over the second braid. Grab a bobbi pin and pin into place.

​Step 5: Criss cross the braids so they are weaving around each other and secure with a bobbi pin.