​Blushing is the reddening of someone's face due to embarrassment, anger, or even romantic stimulation. In the wide world of beauty products blush is a product used to add a warm glow to your face and brighten even the dullest of skin. Every company has different colors and textures from powder to cream, how do you actually know what one to pick? Well powder blushes are often matte, and normally put on after you powdered your face. Powder blushes are normally easy to refresh during the day. Cream and gel blushes are applied after your foundation has been applied. When using cream/gel blushes it is advised to only place powder where you often become shiny ( the forehead, nose, and chin areas.

With so many colors to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? 

  • ​​What look are you going for? Keep in mind where you are headed- prom, a business meeting, a fancy date, or a casual day out with the girls.
  • ​Natural or Glamourous

​When choosing your blush colors it is important to keep in mind that bright, vivid colors will bring attention to the areas that the blush is applied, however dark, subsided colors will do the opposite. From a makeup artists stand point with blush I like to take in mind your skin tone and what will really compliment it.

  • ​Porcelain- peach, apricots, natural pinks
  • ​Fair- Pinks look lovely.
  • ​Light olive-Coral pinks, soft oranges
  • ​Dark olive- Peachy pinks, apricots, plum, browns
  • ​Dark- plum, rose

​When applying the blush of your choice, I suggest using a tapping motion from the apple of your cheek back to your hair line. Blush along with highlighting and contouring are used to sculpt your face. ​Don't be afraid to experiment with colors, you never know what might just be perfect for your skin tone. Keep in mind also that makeup looks different in natural and artificial light, so try and do your makeup where you have access to both.




What makes you ​Blush​?